Australian Pure Honey

Welcome to Australian Honey Products. Our extensive range of award-winning products is made using the finest natural ingredients, sourced from one of the world’s finest pristine, natural environments.

Australia is the land blessed with an abundance of natural advantages, including rich and fertile land, ancient cool climate rainforests, a mild temperate maritime climate, a remarkable diversity of fauna and flora, and a constant supply of the world’s purest air and rainwater – delivered with faithful regularity by the Roaring Forties.

It is in this natural land that we produce our extensive range of award-winning products, using the finest natural ingredients and with a meticulous attention to quality control.

The following Australian honey products are available to purchase:

  1. Royal Jelly
  2. Manuka Honey
  3. Rainforest Honey
  4. Macadamia Honey
  5. Tea Honey
  6. Leatherwood Honey
  7. Iron Bark Honey
  8. Cinnamon Honey

Special service:

You may buy any of the honey products in bulk or specially packed and labeled with your own business name.
For more details please send your inquiry to: or simply fill up This form